2016 Scholarship Recipient Award Gala

2016 Scholarship Recipient Award Gala

Another Successful Scholarship Program
We contacted high schools throughout 11 New Jersey counties and received 28 applications. Upon review, our Scholarship Committee had the very difficult task of selecting the winning students. While we believe all of the students are winners, we had to make the difficult decision and select the award recipients. Each winning student will receive a $1,000 scholarship to the college of their choice. We celebrated the accomplishments of these exemplary students at our Spring 2016 Conference held in Bedminster, NJ and we are proud to support and recognize; Issac Bayou, Daniel Goldstein, Adam Lorimer, Gillian Tapp and Abigail Waugh. These five students accomplished remarkable scholastic achievements while facing the challenges of relocating during their high school years. We applaud them!

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2015 Scholarship Recipient Award Gala

NJRC Scholarship Recipient Award Gala

Success Stories from Last Year’s Scholarship Program
The New Jersey Relocation Council took great pride in recognizing four exemplary students at the Spring 2015 Conference held in Basking Ridge, NJ. NJRC is proud to support and recognize Julia Steiner, Rudemy Emmanuela Michel, Zizhan Luo, and Allen Cummings by providing them with scholarships to assist them in their academic pursuits. These students stood out among their peers by overcoming the incredible challenge of relocating during their High School experience. Albeit difficult, these four students continued to excel academically and impressed the council with their determination to succeed.

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