Is Your Mobility Vision 2020? 

April 30th, 2020  10:00am – 12:00pm EST

Virtual Meeting 

WERC Conference Credits:
Corporate Round Table - 2 CRP Credits & 2 (S)GMS/(S)GMS-T Credits
General Session - 3 CRP Credits & 3 (S)GMS/(S)GMS-T Credits

For the Fall  2019 conference theme NJRC focused on “Finding Balance” in today’s fast past world of global mobility.  Our event planning committee curated a Fall Agenda with sessions and a keynote speaker to assist our members in finding their balance in their everyday lives.  The attendees of the event completed their day with  a little of everything – personally and professionally to help them achieve their goals in business, family and community. From program benchmarking, education and social networking to supporting our Veterans as our Community Outreach.

As always, our day began with a Corporate-Only round table session attended by 42 Corporate Global Mobility Professionals where they openly shared amongst  themselves all the latest topics in our industry. During lunch we had the opportunity to listen to our  Community Outreach Representative from Community Hope “Hope for Veterans” who shared with us how they assist our veteran’s families in New Jersey. Following lunch we opened the day with a Lump Sum Mixer, where our attendees had an opportunity to network and seek out lump sum categories.  Our Keynote Speaker on “Navigating the Generational Mix” spoke of improving communication and engagement in a multi-generational workforce.  She provided us with knowledge on how we can create and find balance in a stronger and more cohesive generationally diverse workforce. Our last session of the day, was an interactive panel discussion with Global Mobility leaders. They shared with us how they designed their programs to enhance their employee’s mobility experience along with the opportunity to ask questions to gain insights into the considerations, challenges, and outcomes of their efforts. In conclusion of our day there was a cocktail reception with raffle prizes. Our event gathered an attendance of 138 and we hope everyone completed their day with a little more balance in their lives.  We hope to see you at our 2020 Annual Spring Event!

We invite you to view our Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsorship photos from the day! 

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