Our History

Established 1981

How long has NJRC been a regional group?

NJRC has been an established regional group since 1981 and has been represented by many of the local well known corporations and service organizations who manage and service relocation activity, respectively. In the last several years, the Board has opened its ranks to Service Providers vs. historically being managed by Corporate Representatives.

Where is NJRC located?

The New Jersey Relocation Council (NJRC) is a membership organization. There is no physical location however, meetings are scheduled in a convenient location, which allows the membership to easily commute and attend planned gatherings and events.

NJRC Meetings & Membership Costs

The New Jersey Relocation Council (NJRC) holds meetings twice a year. Once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The meeting dates are planned by the NJRC Board & Planning Committee. The dates are typically determined by hotel or location availability and the membership is notified once the Board & Planning Committee has finalized the date & location. 

The annual membership fee is $250.00 for eligible Service Provider members (note: two members maximum allowed per service provider firm) and the membership year runs from July 1st through June 30thPayments are only accepted via credit card through the on-line registration process.

Corporate Relocation/Mobility administrators who manage mobility programs are granted a free membership to NJRC upon membership registration and approval. 

Membership fees charged are owned by the Mobility/Relocation Service Provider organizations.  The Mobility/Relocation Service Provider organizations retain all fiduciary rights to the individual memberships (the exception to this policy is if the membership fee was not covered or paid by the organization).  Individual memberships are not transportable when an individual leaves their organization.

Service provider organizations includes firms who perform outsourced programs or HRO functions at on-site or off-site client locations.Service Provider Guests are charged a fee of $150.00 per meeting.

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