Reading the Tea Leaves

October 10th, 2022 9:30am - 6:00pm EST

Brooklake Country Club, Florham Park, NJ

WERC Conference Credits:
Corporate Round Table - 2 CRP Credits & 2 (S)GMS/(S)GMS-T Credits
General Session - 3 CRP Credits & 3 (S)GMS/(S)GMS-T Credits

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Our Fall 2022 Conference, “Reading the Tea Leaves” was a day filled with industry topics, giving and networking. Our event planning committee planned a Fall Agenda with sessions to educate our members in all the current topics in Global Mobility. The attendees of the event completed their day with a little of everything – personally and professionally to help them achieve their goals in business, family and community. From our first ever evening before networking event, to program benchmarking, education and community outreach for Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine.

We began the conference with a Corporate-Only round table session attended by 27 Corporate Global Mobility Professionals where they openly shared amongst themselves all the latest topics in our industry. The roundtable was led by Lynn Shotwell, President & CEO, Worldwide ERC who also gave a recap during the opening remarks of the day. Lunch followed with a Thanksgiving Theme with all the holiday trimmings right down to pumpkin pie! Our first general session of the day, “Spilling the Tea” with a panel of Corporate Global Mobility Professionals discussed topics and policy changes being shaped by an unprecedented shift as a consequence of a worldwide pandemic, rising interest rates, the war in Ukraine and many other factors. Our second session of the day, Relo Family Feud encouraged audience participation and in the spirit of competition participants answered questions on industry trends from supply chain to remote work from the recent publication of the Mobility Magazine. We then heard from a representative from our charity on how our fund raiser from the evening before event and during the conference will aid the people of Ukraine.

The day ended with our raffle of fabulous prizes which were donated by our members to help raise funds for our charity. Followed by a cocktail reception of Autumn Festivities with Tea Leaf Readers where anyone could have their Tea Leaves read in this mystical process.

Our event for the day had 115 attendees who all had a glimpse into the future of Global Mobility. We look forward to meeting again for our Annual Spring Event in 2023!

We invite you to view our photos from the day! 

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